Clinic concept

Our clinic concept places the prevention and sustainability of treatments at the centre of our work. This is based on evidence-based treatment guidelines that are consistently implemented by all practitioners.

Our goal is to maintain or re-establish your oral health. We would like to support you in avoiding diseases of your teeth and gums and general medical diseases associated with inflammatory periodontal diseases.

Based on your wishes and needs, we provide you with comprehensive care in all areas of dentistry. We bring the sustainable dental aspects into harmony with your aesthetic requirements.

All practitioners have a sound education at Swiss universities and technical colleges. They have many years of clinical experience and expand their professional skills through regular internal and external training.

Zahnaerzte am Pfauen AG

Dr. med. dent. Stefano Giudici
Preventive dentistry and implantology
Wolfbachstrasse 1
8032 Zurich


Telephone 044 - 260 96 96