Bettina Leu-Laib

Dr. med. dent. eidg. dipl. Zahnarzt SSO
WBA: General Dentistry SSO

German, English

2000 - today
Dentist in Zahnaerzte am Pfauen.
Clinical collaboration and lecturer activity at the Careum Dental Hygiene Prophylaxis Clinic

1999 - 2000
Stay at the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) as Visiting Assistant Professor, Division of Periodontology (Prof. G. Armitage).

1997 - 1999
Deputy Head of Clinic at the Dental Hygiene School Zurich.

Doctorate (Dr. med. dent.) with a dissertation on the topic of root canal treatment.

Dentist at the Clinic of the Dental Hygiene School Zurich with a focus on preventive dentistry, periodontology and implantology. In addition to clinical work, he also teaches periodontology and dentistry as a whole.

Further education at the University of Bern in periodontology (Prof. Dr. N. P. Lang) and in prosthetics
(Prof. Dr. A. H. Geering).

Assistant dentist in a private practice

Graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich.

Zahnaerzte am Pfauen AG

Dr. med. dent. Stefano Giudici Preventive dentistry and implantology Wolfbachstrasse 1
8032 Zurich


Telephone 044 - 260 96 96