Stefano Giudici

Clinic owner
Dr. med. dent. federally certified dentist SSO
WBA: General dentistry SSO
WBA: Implantology SSO

German, Italian, English, French

Opening dental clinic 'Zahnaerzte am Pfauen' in Zurich.

Consultant, lecturer and examiner at the Dental Hygiene School Zurich.

Head of clinic and responsible for training and further education for assistant dentists and trainers at the Dental Hygiene School Zurich.

Assistant dentist with teaching function at the clinic of the Dental Hygiene School Zurich.

Assistant dentist clinic Dr. T. Hirt in Uster with emphasis on prophylaxis, periodontology and implantology.

During this time, part-time, one-year advanced training in prosthetics, periodontology, surgery and implantology at the Universities of Bern and Basel (Prof. Dr. A. H. Geering, Prof. Dr. N. P. Lang, Prof. Dr. D. Buser).

Doctorate (Dr. med. dent.) with a dissertation on the topic of fluoride retention on dentin.

until 1991
Studies at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich, 6 months of which at the University of San Antonio, Texas with a focus on parafunction and bruxism (Prof. Dr. Rugh).

Zahnaerzte am Pfauen AG

Dr. med. dent. Stefano Giudici
Preventive dentistry and implantology
Wolfbachstrasse 1
8032 Zurich


Telephone 044 - 260 96 96