The individual care requires an optimal diagnostic assessment and diagnosis. In our practice, in addition to clinical examinations, modern imaging techniques such as digital X-rays and digital volume tomography are used.

Scanner and photography for visualization are also available.

Dental hygiene

Most diseases of teeth and gums are preventable.
With our professional advice and care, we help you to avoid damage and detect diseases early.
The care after dental treatments contributes to the lasting success of the therapies. Prophylaxis therefore plays a decisive role in our practice. Our team of experienced dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants supports you with a care concept tailored to your needs.


Periodontal diseases (gums and jaw bones) are caused by bacteria that remain in the area of the gumline for a long time. The removal of bacterial plaque and tartar has the aim of eliminating inflammation and restoring a healthy situation. The maintenance of health is made possible by the regular treatment of our dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants.

Filling therapy

Modern dentistry relies increasingly on preventive measures in the case of caries damage and is reticent about filling therapy. However, if defects in the tooth substance have to be treated, the new techniques enable us to work in an extremely gentle manner. We only use tooth-coloured materials.
For larger defects, computer-milled ceramic fillings are used, which we fabricate directly in the practice.


Larger carious defects or traumatic effects (impact) can cause damage to the dental nerve.
Nowadays, computer-assisted endodontic procedures can be used without any problems.

Dental implants

For more than 30 years, tooth roots have been replaced by dental implants. Today implantology is an established, scientifically proven method to replace teeth, which has been successfully used in our practice for more than 20 years.
With implants we offer you a good and safe treatment of tooth gaps or a better hold for dentures.
We avoid the grinding of healthy teeth, which is necessary for the fabrication of bridges. There is an individual solution for every situation, which we implement together with our Swiss dental technology specialist.

Dental prosthesis

Closing tooth gaps due to missing teeth is possible today with a variety of fixed or removable reconstructions.
In cooperation with our Swiss dental laboratory, we can provide you with a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Aesthetic dentistry

Today, healthy teeth have almost become a matter of course. The aesthetic demands on the teeth are growing. Of course the teeth should look beautiful.
The restoration of missing tooth parts and changes in the shape of the teeth using minimally invasive adhesive build-ups or reconstruction using veneers or crowns is possible. Discoloured teeth can be whitened using internal and external bleaching procedures in the practice or at home (home bleaching).
Tooth position corrections can be performed with transparent foil devices (OrthoFolio). These invisible splints are easy to wear in everyday life.

Intraoral scanner

Impression-free impressions offer patients a number of advantages. The teeth can be scanned contactless with our intraoral scanner. Patients with severe gag reflex benefit from this procedure.
This radiation-free and painless procedure is a replacement for conventional impression procedures.


Die zahnmedizinische Betreuung der Kinder fängt schon durch die Information und Betreuung der Eltern an. Zahnschäden sind vermeidbar. Je früher die richtige Mundhygiene, Ernährung und Fluoridierung einsetzen umso weniger Zahnschäden entstehen beim Kind.
Kinder die nur zur Kontrolle zum Zahnarzt gehen, entwickeln keine Angst, entwickeln Interesse für Ihre Zähne und sind häufig angstfrei für allfällig notwendige Therapien.

Splint therapy

Durch Pressen und Knirschen mit den Zähnen können z.B. Zahnschmerzen an eigentlich gesunden Zähnen, Schäden an der Zahnhartsubstanz, Kopf- und Nackenschmerzen entsehen. Durch den Einsatz von Schienen können diese Schmerzen einfach und wirksam beseitigt werden.

Für den optimalen Schutz bei verschiedenen Sportarten fertigen wir individuell auf Sie
abgestimmte Schienen an.

Anxiety patients

We would like to avoid possible fears before the dental treatment to a large extent by detailed information about the forthcoming treatment and explanations in calm, stress-free atmosphere. 

Treatments under general anaesthesia are possible in our practice. 

Dental technology

Our treatment also includes intensive cooperation with our dental technicians.

The goal of high treatment quality can only be achieved with appropriate dental technical support. 

We have been working with Swiss dental laboratories for more than 20 years. Like us, these laboratories have the goal of ensuring the sustainability and stability of the materials used for years to come. In doing so, we use state-of-the-art technologies and processes and materials that have been tried and tested for many years.

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